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Take a minute to think back to you were working to earn your highest level of education (high school, college, graduate school, etc.)

If I gave you a magic wand to change one thing about your learning environment, what would you change?

For me, it was my anxiety in graduate school. The feeling of waking up every morning anticipating failure.

The one thing that helped alleviate this was to talk to students who were further along or had graduated from my program.

I’ll never forget the advice from one: “It’s going to feel like everything is on fire all the time. It is. But you’ll get through it anyway.”

Or a comment from another: “You always look like you have it all together.” I thanked her. Chalked it up to my business casual attire. Then told her I had already cried all the tears of worry I had and they had dried up.

I’m smiling as I write this because from my current position, it’s hard to believe academia felt so stressful to me back then.

But that was the reality.

Years of college before graduate school even began. Tens of thousands of dollars in tuition. A lot was riding on my success.

If this resonates with you, I’d love to talk it through. I built my tutoring business with all these feelings in mind. It might be “just school” to some people, but when you’re in it, it’s your whole world. As it should be. It is a massive privilege to be able to live here and pursue higher education without limits!

Emma's Stats

2 Degrees from the University of South Florida

MA Psychological Sciences, Summa Cum Laude
BA Psychology, Magna Cum Laude

2 Graduate Certificates

Data Analysis
Infant Family Mental Health

2 Academic Presentations

The acceptance of decision aids by students and patients, USFSP Research Symposium, 2019
Testing the wellness wheel against 2020 NCHA data, NASPA Annual Conference, 2022

Teacher’s Aide for 7 undergraduate social sciences courses throughout graduate career

Tests & Measurements Physiological Psychology Health Psychology Psychology of Women Human Sexuality Personality Psychology Motivation Psychology

Years of excellence in Education Services


A large body of rigorous research shows tutoring can help students catch up by as much as a full school year.

Core Values

Emma believes in empowering students with the skills and confidence to succeed independently once tutoring sessions are over.


Emma sat on the floor and cried after the first day of her first college-level stats class. She gets it.


Let Emma work around your schedule, wherever you are in the world.


Your lessons will be tailored to your unique interests. Basketball? Celebrity culture? Emma’s got you.

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