Emma’s “Three Ts” for Reducing Pressure

I baked these cookies last night.

They’re really good.

Like, better than any cookies I’ve made in the past.

I found the simplest recipe I could and they went from raw ingredients to fully cooked in less than 20 minutes.

Why is it that sometimes we see the best results when we put in the least effort?


If I were baking these cookies as a gift or to share at an event, the pressure would be *on.*

I’d be so focused on making the best cookies that no matter how they turned out I’d be disappointed.

Since the world of academia can often feel like its own pressure cooker, I’d like to share my Three Ts for Reducing Pressure (applied to academics)


I think the jury’s still out on whether we all have the same 24 hours in a day. I see the arguments on both sides.

That said, I’ll speak for myself. I don’t utilize my time as well as I could.

Going to be waiting in line at the DMV? Listen to a podcast on your research topic.

Have a random burst of energy before bed? Use it. Prepare for the next day or plug away at a low-lift assignment.

Know your partner takes an extra 10 minutes to get out the door? Read your paper aloud to yourself while you wait to check for errors.


Where can you implement templates in your life?

I used a recipe to bake the cookies. I didn’t spend time wondering the best ratio of dry to wet ingredients, I simply followed a set of predetermined instructions.

Maybe you do schoolwork every day from 3:30-5:00 PM.

Maybe you always knock out your stats homework first because you find it the most challenging.

Maybe you study for each exam for a minimum of 5 hours.

Create a template, create a habit, and reduce the pressure of decision-making.


What comes easily to you?

While these were my best cookies in a while, I’ve been baking regularly for over a decade. My hands know where to go to grab the bowls, measuring cups and spoons, and the ingredients. Because I have a *talent* for baking (I’m being generous with myself here), the pressure of a last-minute cookie project was low.

Lean on your talents.

If you’re a great writer, make sure your final paper is perfect. That way if you lose points on the exam, your grade will be buoyed by your talent for writing.

If you’re an extrovert and want to get out of the house, form a study group.

If you love public speaking, offer to lead that portion of your group project. You’ll probably make someone’s day.

Which “T” for reducing pressure resonates the most with you?

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